Q- Why is my WiFi so slow?​
A- This could be for many reasons… some common examples are​:

  • Your incoming internet speed may be poor in your area. This limits your wireless internet and its ability to be speedy. ​
  • Your WiFi is competing with all your neighbours as they are configured the same way.
  • ​You are uploading or downloading a movie and its slowing your internet down. ​
  • You have put your WiFi router behind a metal surface and it is blocking the signals.

Q- Why does my WiFi signal not reach to other rooms in my house?​
A- Wire mesh and thick brick walls block the wireless signals from spreading through the house. This is limiting your signal to small areas. ​You have options such as wireless home plugs however these will rely on your electrical circuit and a new wired solution is the most reliable option.  

Q- Where is the best place for my Wireless router?​
A- You should choose somewhere very central in the house like a hall way or main room. This the optimum location for your main router or access point depending on how large your house is.​

Support: ​
WiFi speed and connectivity in your home can also be improved by upgrading your firmware on existing equipment and adjusting the settings of your network. You can do this yourself or with support from an industry professional. ​

Invisinet can support you with these upgrades and improvements and offer impartial expert advice. ​